REMARKABLE _extraordinary

GALLARIA is a lot of things. It boasts extraordinary holiday architecture, a unique art gallery, renowned Arabian horse breeding and a gourmet restaurant. In addition, it’s an event location and offers luxury suites.
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A former estate, totally new, completely extraordinary. South Tyrolean holiday architecture meets thoroughbred Arabian horses, art meets cuisine, adventure meets extravagance.
GALLARIA is located in Völs am Schlern, surrounded by vast meadows, where things that don’t really belong together come together. A metre-high black hall carved out of natural rock is just the beginning. Behind it, when they are not grazing, the elegant thoroughbred Arabians are happy in their stalls. Your gaze wanders from pictures to sculptures, from sculptures to the Porsche, from the Porsche to the glass cube.
GALLARIA is an extravagant location for events of all kinds. The former estate offers a noble setting for an impressive event for up to 40 people.
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GALLARIA is a painting, a sculpture, a portrait, a photograph, a still life. GALLARIA is abstract, figurative, classical, expressionistic, futuristic. GALLARIA boasts a unique style of holiday architecture in South Tyrol.
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Perfection is achieved not when there's nothing left to add, but when there's nothing left to take away.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
DE LUXE _splendid
The former estate has been transformed into a place of luxurious living – among other things. Exclusive holiday suites with everything that makes you happy.
NOBLE _gorgeous
Sturdy and tenacious, lively and elegant – up to 18 Arabian horses can be found in the pastures or in the bright, airy stalls. What started as a hobby has become a passion.
Discover the Arabians