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The artwork on the black walls – elegantly staged. The Porsche on the natural rock – durability meets speed. The raven in the corner – powerful and majestic. Art in South Tyrol, which you can only find here.
gallaria-voels-art-style-arabian-3601 gallaria-voels-art-style-porsche-9365-2-2 gallaria-voels-art-irma-hoelz-9465 gallaria-voels-art-style-porsche-3689 gallaria-voels-art-style-arabian-3657-estella
GALLARIA creates a symbiosis of modern art and skilful sculptures. New meets old and flashy meets discreet. Some works remain, others change, are exchanged or replaced. The result is a constant stream of fresh compositions of colours, shapes and lights. Renowned artists from near and far are represented in this exhibition. GALLARIA is by no means a museum. GALLARIA is a complete work of art.
Greg Gorman
© Greg Gorman, courtesy IMMAGIS ART PHOTOGRAPHY
greg-gorman-sophia-loren-directors-chair greg-gorman-andy-warhol-print greg-gorman-elton greg-gorman-jagger-mick-midler-bettie greg-gorman-heidi-fleiss
Sylvie Blum
Her photographs adorn the black walls. She experiments with models and styles – with light and space. Delicate shades of grey give her work a sculptural feel. Fine art and the body with the highest aesthetic quality.
gallaria-voels-art-style-3281 gallaria-voels-art-style-arabian-3566-estella gallaria-voels-art-style-3284
Giorgio Butini
Inspired by Michelangelo, he enters into dialogue with the human body in his work. He experiments with artistic dimensions in a sensitive way, skilfully combining contemporary with new.
gallaria-voels-art-style gallaria-voels-art-style-arabian-horse-8851
It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
Henry David Thoreau
Sabrina Ferrari
From static bronze she creates moving animals and suspension bodies. She goes beyond classical forms and reimagines them in a dynamic and elegant way.
gallaria-voels-art-sabrina-ferrari-6104 gallaria-voels-art-sabrina-ferrari-6110
Vitaliano Marchetto
Warriors and fighters of sand, concrete, and steel. Powerful and strong, nevertheless vulnerable and fragile. Marchetto represents lifeless life and makes it a reflection of society.
gallaria-voels-art-vitaliano-marchetto-6153 gallaria-voels-art-vitaliano-marchetto-6159 gallaria-voels-art-vitaliano-marchetto-6127 gallaria-voels-art-vitaliano-marchetto-6131
Jacopo Mandich
_Sculptor and painter
His drawings interact with three-dimensional sculptures and merge into a visionary reality. A new form of language that shakes up human’s hearts.
gallaria-voels-art-jacopo-mandich-5275 gallaria-voels-art-jacopo-mandich-6145
GALLARIA is an extravagant location for events of all kinds. The former estate offers a noble setting for an impressive event for up to 40 people.