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A new event location in South Tyrol, elegant, stylish, and artistic. GALLARIA is a place of art, cuisine and new experiences, featuring natural stone, copper, and elegant black.
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Enjoy nature outside, and the high life inside with events, culinary delights, and art. Up to 40 people can be seated in the impressive, high hall. Surrounded by natural rock and a select collection of works of art, even the reception is a highlight. Behind it, the elegant Arabian horses can be seen grazing in their stalls.

A unique location where the pleasures of life are celebrated and art is commemorated. GALLARIA offers a chic, extravagant setting for all kinds of celebrations. Whether it’s a little party, an anniversary, or a wedding, this is the place for events that will leave an impression.
Gourmet cuisine in the cube – innovatively interpreted. Dishes on the plate – reimagined. The team behind it – full of surprises.

Fine dining is given new meaning in this event location in South Tyrol. The kitchen is staffed by masters of down-to-earthness, taste sensations and experimentation. The guests are surprised and delighted by the straightforward and exquisite dishes.
GALLARIA is a painting, a sculpture, a portrait, a photograph, a still life. GALLARIA is abstract, figurative, classical, expressionistic, futuristic. GALLARIA boasts a unique style of holiday architecture in South Tyrol.